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At the heart of Hinge.

At the heart of Hinge.

Hinge Today

We want to create a less lonely world

by inspiring intimate, in-person connections

Our Values

Relationships are at the core of everything we do.

And not just the romantic kind. We can’t accomplish really hard things alone—so we make great relationships the foundation of our teamwork.

We believe these three core values are what it takes to build those great relationships.

Couple embracing each other
Our Principles

We put our values in action.

Our principles guide us to put our values first with every decision.

Love the Problem

Breakthrough innovation happens when we spend time deeply understanding a problem, not jumping to solutions.

Keep it Simple

We prioritize elegant solutions that align with our biggest goals – both as an organization and within teams. We say "no" to a lot so we can do the few things that matter most.

Decide with Principles

We are highly thoughtful and intentional with every decision at Hinge. Decisions are driven by principles, not arbitrary personal judgment.

Tend to Trust

At Hinge, we tend to trust each other; we also put in the work to nurture and rebuild trust through transparency and open collaboration. When trust is missing, we speak up.

Our Approach

The Hinge Difference

Hinge Culture

How We Do Things

Hinge is obsessed with principles — so much so that we wrote a book about them. How We Do Things tells the story of the key ideas that guide just about everything we do here, from hiring and product to working as a team and setting goals.

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