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Justin’s Story

When the love of my life dumped me after college, I was devastated. I turned to technology to meet new people, creating Hinge in the process. The app was built to help people find love, but over time, we added features just to keep up with our competitors. We were neglecting the challenge I first set out to solve, and people were burnt out on spending hours on their phones with little to show for it. Turns out, everyone carrying around a tiny, addictive supercomputer is great for dating apps—not necessarily for dating.

When my college sweetheart gave me another chance, I was inspired to refocus on that original challenge—and decided to rebuild Hinge from scratch.

We stopped valuing engagement for the sake of engagement. Instead, we built ways to make better matches and start meaningful conversations. And we held every decision to one standard: Would it lead to more great dates? The result is Hinge as we know it today.

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Justin McLeod, CEO

The Drum

June 21, 2021

Rather than a gamified UX...Hinge encourages users to build detailed profiles and include answers to playful icebreakers to facilitate engagement.

The Telegraph

April 18, 2021

Love was hard work, so Hinge would be too, deterring lazy daters by demanding detailed profiles.


April 11, 2021

Many dating apps are more popular for arranging a quick, ahem, rendezvous. Not so Hinge.

Hinge Timeline

How we got here


Justin McLeod creates Hinge.


Hinge launches a mobile version and puts its last $25,000 into a massive launch party, giving Tinder a run for its money.


Hinge goes global and expands to the UK, Canada, India, and Australia.


Hinge relaunches the app with a renewed commitment — helping people find love.


Hinge launches its social impact program, One More Hour, aimed at mobilizing Gen Z to add more in-person connections to their lives.


Hinge is setting up a date every two seconds.

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